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Experts in the chemical and pharmaceutical development of peptide-based drug products and finished products up to pharmaceutical certification

+ 15 years
<p>of experience as a peptide CDMO</p>
500 m<sup>2</sup>
<p>of GMP laboratories</p>

Know how

<p><strong>From chemical conception to clinical batches</strong></p> <ul> <li>Process development</li> <li>Analytical development</li> <li>Bulk or aliquoted technical batches</li> <li>Pre-formulation</li> <li>Manufacturing of API batches for tox studies</li> <li>Manufacturing of API batches for clinical studies</li> <li>Coordination of the manufacturing of finished products for clinical trials</li> <li>Pharmaceutical certification for EU clinical trials</li> </ul>


<ul> <li>Short peptides</li> <li>Complex peptides</li> <li>Long peptides (up to 150 mer)</li> <li>Conjugated peptides (KLH, CRM197, Fab, PEG)</li> </ul>

The teams work alongside our customers to find innovative and adapted solutions that guarantee the success of their pharmaceutical manufacturing projects.

Lionel Laboratory Director of Provepharm Life Solutions

Production means

Pre-GMP development

<ul> <li>Solid Surface Peptide Synthesis Platform (SPPS) for Process Development</li> <li>Analytical department for quality control and development of analytical methods for chemical and biological compounds</li> <li>Room dedicated to non-aseptic packaging of experimental batches</li> </ul>

GMP development

<ul> <li>GMP production plant in controlled atmosphere zone for API manufacturing <ul> <li>Synthesis / Cleavage</li> <li>Purification</li> <li>Lyophilization</li> <li>Sterilizing filtration</li> <li>Aliquoting under laminar flow</li> <li>Final lyophilization</li> </ul> </li> <li>Analytical department for quality control, Qualification / Validation of analytical methods for chemical and biological compounds</li> <li>Network of European partners for fill and finish activities: <ul> <li>Production of clinical batches in sterile environment</li> <li>Packaging in therapeutic units</li> <li>Pharmaceutical certification of batches for clinical trials</li> </ul> </li> </ul>

Embracing innovation in promising markets

Custom peptide vaccines
<p>Provepharm has already achieved several developments in the field of immuno-oncology by reinventing its peptide manufacturing processes to produce up to 40 GMP grade peptides in less than 6 weeks.</p>
One stop shop in injectables
<p>Provepharm Life Solutions can be your unique service provider for API manufacturing, supply of drug product, packaging in therapeutic units and pharmaceutical certification for clinical trials.</p>

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