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Our CSR Commitments

A strong historical Commitment

Social responsibility issues have been taken into account since the creation of the company more than 20 years ago and are an inherent part of our DNA.

CSR Annual Report 2021

<p>Concrete actions for a sustainable approach.</p> <p><a href="https://online.flippingbook.com/view/558611879/">Discover our report.</a></p>

Provepharm Life Solutions has evolved by developing trusting relationships with all its employees, partners, customers and suppliers as well as with major players across France. Our approach is growing stronger every year and remains a core element to our strategy.

The company's objective is to continue its process of dialogue and transparency with the main stakeholders so that this entire ecosystem moves forward and develops in an overall coherent manner.


Sustainable development issues are a strong component of our governance and of the improvement of our extra-financial performance. In order to ensure that our challenges are anchored in our corporate strategy, an appropriate organization has been put in place and continues to strengthen this approach.

Sustainable growth, driven by a dedicated CSR committee


The CSR Committee founded in 2018 creates a real dynamic around our main sustainable development issues,
in France and the United States, where we operate.


<p><strong><em>CSR Manager</em></strong><br /> <em>“We have been carrying out concrete actions in favor of the territory for more than 10 years and have formalized a comprehensive CSR program in 2018. Today, the issues covered by CSR are integrated at all levels of the company and have even become recruitment criteria."</em></p>

Integrating CSR into a responsible value chain 2025 Commitments & Objectives



Produce while limiting our Environmental Impact

  • Generalize the eco-design of packaging articles
    • Systematically consider recyclable materials such as cardboard or glass for the treatments' packaging;
    • Optimizing the volume of product packaging boxes. The results of the first tests are very encouraging,
      with a reduction of up to 50% in the volume of the boxes.
  • Encourage Responsible Behavior
    • Our teams are working together to set up a program that aims to generalize the ecodesign of our products' packaging items. The manufacturer in charge of packaging is recognized for its ISO 14001 certified environmental management system. Provepharm Life Solutions is committed to opt for responsible freight (quality and virtuous logistics), proof of this is the logistics in France which is operated by an ISO14001 certified player recognized for its CSR commitment.
    • Provepharm also encourages the responsible behavior of employees by reducing the travel footprint and organizing "Green Week" events, which have become key biannual events.

Act as Close as Possible to Patients

<ul> <li><strong>Initiating and Leading a Consortium in the global fight against Malaria</strong></li> </ul> <p>Malaria is a worldwide problem affecting more than 200 million people today and causing around 450,000 deaths per year in endemic (tropical and sub-tropical) areas.</p> <p>Knowledge of the potential of Methylene Blue in Malaria led the company to found an international consortium with the Walter Reed Institute for Research of the US Army (WRAIR) dedicated to this goal. This initiative was awarded in 2018 by the Galien MedStartup award in the category "<em>Best collaboration or partnership for a breakthrough solution dedicated to developing countries</em>".&nbsp;The "<em>no gain no loss</em>" business model has therefore become an obvious choice for Provepharm, particularly well aligned with our values.</p>
<ul> <li><strong>Involvement at the heart of the Timone Hospital</strong></li> </ul> <p>Provepharm Life Solutions is committed to the&nbsp;<a href="https://provepharm.gh.pe/en/node/www.hope-project.fr">Hope Project</a>&nbsp;association to improve the lives of children and parents in the Timone hospital complex in Marseille&nbsp;by carrying out several significant actions such as participating in the "Course du Don", which enabled the association to donate nearly&nbsp;€10,000 to the association in 2019.</p>

A Positive Impact on the Region

  • Support Job seekers and encourage entrepreneurial spirit in young people
<p>of employees actively involved in CSR actions</p>
<p>internship promises for college students through a dedicated program&nbsp;"Degun sans stage" [nobody without an internship]</p>
<p>interview simulations for&nbsp;long-term jobseekers</p>

We have been collaborating for many years with players in the field of integration and employment, in particular with the PLIE (Local Plan for Integration and Employment) which welcomed this commitment by praising Provepharm Life Solutions as an official ambassador of the Emplitude Label. More recently, a collaboration with Nos Quartiers ont du Talents has enabled Provepharm to complete its approach in this area.

We are also working to open the business world to students from middle and high schools in "REP+" (Reinforced Prority Networks) in Marseille, by carrying out significant actions such as the creation of the "Dégun sans stage" program, which aims to help middle school students from priority areas to find an internship in a company.

Support Projects that Make Sense

  • Partnership with freediving champion Arnaud Jerald

Provepharm Life Solutions and Arnaud Jerald, the world's youngest freediver at -115 meters, share the same passion to challenge the impossible. Born in Marseille, the young athlete, with a strong record of achievements after only 2 years of international competition


This collaboration is above all the fruit of a strong human adventure:

<p>"&nbsp;<em>Provepharm and I is above all a matter of trust. Michel Feraud has given me the keys to good business management and our exchanges have allowed me to better project my vision of professionalizing my sport. Two months after we made our partnership official, I set my first world record. Provepharm gave me wings, I will never forget it. Our values and our international ambitions are the pillars of our collaboration.</em>"</p>